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COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted

Memorial Day was the first time in over a year Pennsylvanians saw lifted COVID-19 mitigation efforts while out and about. In Downtown State College, we talked to some Residents who say they are excited to see some normalcy again.

Vaccinated, maskless, and no capacity limitations. That is how Residents walked around Downtown State College on Monday after all COVID-19 Restrictions were officially lifted, but some people are still confused on how this affects them. State College Resident Elise Bingaman saying: “I don’t really know if I should be wearing my mask, should I put it on to walk into places even if they are outdoors, I also just feel like I’m missing something now. Like feels naked.”

Many businesses still have ‘Mask Required’ signs out front, and Borough Officials say they can ask the community to wear one when inside. State College Resident Montana Varner saying: “It’s pretty normal again, I still think we should take some precautions, but it feels free. You feel better about yourself, like you’re not trapped anymore. I still wear my mask going into places to to be respectful but now walking out in public, I don’t feel like I have to wear one.”

Although these restrictions were just lifted, State College did not have an influx of people there to celebrate, but those who are vaccinated and walking maskless say they hope the honor system is working. Elise Bingaman adding: “I haven’t seen anyone get vaccine carded, shall I say. I think we just have to hope and trust people will do the right thing.”

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