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COVID-19 Update August 14th

The latest in what Health Experts are calling the “Fourth Wave” of the Pandemic. The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported on Saturday their largest One-Day Case Total since mid-May. This put the “7-Day Average” at the highest it’s been since 3 months ago. 9 more deaths were reported across the Commonwealth. More than 1,000 people are now hospitalized with the Virus and that’s for the first time since June 1st.

110 new cases were reported in our viewing area and Blair County is leading the way with two dozen cases. Every County in our market reported at least 1 new case. One more person has died in our area from Blair County.

All of our Counties — except Huntingdon and Cameron — have a high enough Transmission Rate that masking is recommended indoors by the CDC. They report — Clearfield and Bedford Counties — have the highest levels.

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