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COVID-19 Update August 29th

Now for the latest COVID-19 numbers in our area as almost all of Pennsylvania is seeing High Transmissions Rates. Just under 2,900 cases were added to the Department of Health dashboard on Sunday.

The 7-Day Average is now above 3,000, and that’s a mark we haven’t seen since early May. 5 more people have died Statewide and the number of people Hospitalized with the Virus is also slightly going up.

As for cases in our 10-County Viewing Area, 140 new cases were added. Cambria and Blair Counties are leading the way with over 30 new cases and Centre trailing behind with 24 new cases. Cameron County was the only one that didn’t report a new case on Sunday.

One more person has died Locally, and they were from Somerset County. That was the County’s 220th death reported for the Pandemic. The Death Toll in our 10 County Viewing Area is now 1,840 total.

As for County Transmission Rates of the Virus, the CDC ranks them as Low, Moderate, Substantial, and High. All of our Counties are in that “High” category. Only one County in Pennsylvania is below that level, which is Synder County — and they are Substantial.

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