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COVID-19 Update September 19th

As more COVID-19 cases are reported in Pennsylvania, we’re inching closer to the same amount of cases we saw at our peak in Spring. On Sunday, 4,500 new cases were reported by the State Department of Health. This brings the seven-day average up to 4,685, the highest we’ve seen since just after the peak in mid-April. 17 more deaths were reported Sunday. The death toll since the start of the Pandemic now at 28,862. Hospital data has not been updated this weekend.

Taking a look at the numbers locally, 372 cases were reported Sunday in our 10 County viewing area. Breaking it down by County, Centre County tops the list with 67 new cases and Cambria County isn’t far behind with 62. Blair County follows with 50, Somerset County has 49, and 43 new cases were reported in Bedford County. There are 32 more cases in Clearfield County, 28 in Huntingdon County, 23 reported in Jefferson County, 16 in Elk County and Cameron County had two new cases. No deaths were reported locally.

All Counties in Pennsylvania continue to have a High Rate of Transmission according to the CDC.

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