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Covid Breakthrough Cases

A few elected officials announced that they have breakthrough COVID-19 cases. Meaning they’ve been infected with the virus even though they’re vaccinated.

Today we asked the state Department Of Health how they’re tracking these numbers they said the department of health is working diligently to perform data matching to identify breakthrough cases in Pennsylvania.

This analysis requires pulling data from multiple sources

And will take some time, but it will provide a more accurate picture of the number of cases in the Commonwealth.

As vaccination efforts continue throughout the state

And across the country, it is vitally important that individuals understand that the covid-19 vaccine continues to be a highly effective weapon against the virus

Especially to significantly limit serious illness, hospitalization and death.

The Chief Medical Officer at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center say the higher the spread of COVID-19 in a community the more of a risk there is for vaccinated people.

The Governor of Texas Greg Abbott announced this happened to him along with Senators Angus King and Roger Wicker.

So this leads to the question are the vaccines really working?

Nationally the majority of people who are hospitalized or have died from COVID-19 are unvaccinated.

Doctor Dunmore at Conemaugh said those breakthrough cases that we do see could be credited to a high level of community spread in that area.

“We are going to see breakthrough infections. That’s going to happen. Of course, the more infections that we see from COVID-19, the more breakthrough infections we’re going to see. Now we’re seeing human suffering again, and we know that this can be prevented by very safe and effective vaccines.”

Dr. Dunmore says luckily breakthrough cases are usually very mild. And stresses the importance of vaccinations and universal masking.

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