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COVID Cases Rise, Vaccinations Fall

Nationally, the COVID case numbers not getting any better thanks to the low rate of Vaccinations and the accelerating Delta Variant. Nationwide, 48 States have a seven-day average of new cases that’s at least 10% higher than the week before — according to Johns Hopkins University. Despite the warnings, the daily pace of people becoming fully vaccinated keeps falling.

William Hughes is recovering from COVID-19 in Arkansas. Unvaccinated and Hospitalized, he spent days struggling to breathe — fighting for his life. Hughes saying: “I asked him if I was going to make it and he didn’t know. He told me that I was young, I didn’t have any underlying issues, and they were going to do the best they could do.”

U.S. Health Experts say over 99% of COVID deaths reported are from unvaccinated people. As cases continue to climb, the push to get Americans vaccinated is intensifying. Gov. Kay Ivey of Alabama saying: “The new cases in COVID are because of unvaccinated folks. Almost 100 percent of the new hospitalizations are with unvaccinated folks.” Alabama is the least vaccinated State in the Country. Less than 35% of people there are fully vaccinated — according to the CDC.

Governor Kay Ivey says she’s disappointed with the numbers in her State. Gov. Ivey saying: “Folks are supposed to have common sense. It’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks, It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down.”

For people like Hughes, the hope now is that Americans will take heed, get vaccinated, and save their own lives. Hughes adding: “It’s just made me wish I had gotten the vaccine. I mean, the vaccine may not have kept me from getting COVID, but it may have decreased greatly the pain and suffering I had to go through.”

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