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COVID Relief Bill Passes the House

It is President Biden’s first major legislative Win. With a final party-line vote by the Democratic-controlled House, a $1.9 trillion COVID Relief Bill is one step closer to bringing aid to Americans.

President Biden’s massive $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill, clearing its final hurdle on Capitol Hill. Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi saying: “On this vote, the yays are 220, the nays are 211, the motion is adopted.” The House, with the final signoff on Senate changes to the Bill — including narrowing eligibility for Stimulus Checks, and taking out the House-approved Federal Minimum Wage increase.

Democrats describing this not as a win for President Biden — but for millions of Americans. The Bill to provide, among other things, direct payments of up to $1,400 per person to families earning less than $160,000 a year, and individuals making less than $80,000. It also includes a $300 weekly Federal boost to Unemployment Benefits through September 6th and $15 billion for long-term, low-interest loans for small businesses. There is also funding to chart the next, somewhat thornier phases of the Pandemic like Vaccine Distribution, and School reopenings.

Despite the Bill’s popularity in polls, not a single Republican in the Senate voted in favor. House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy: “It showers money on special interests but spends less than 9 percent on actually defeating the virus.”

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