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CPFA Annual Competition: Images 2021

The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts is now taking submissions for its Annual Banner and Juried Fine Arts Competition: Images 2021. The images will be virtual and the Banner Competition will go on on even without Spectators. The Borough tells us they recognizes how vital the event is to the Community and are excited to see it back in any capacity.

Doug Shontz, Assistant to the Borough Manager, saying: “The Artsfest for our community and the surrounding its just a long standing, anchor event that’s been here for many years that attracts people from all over the country and sometimes the world to our community, and in terms of it returning, I think that’s just really optimistic that that event, that tradition is returning in some form to the area.”

Borough sources also tell us that while a hybrid event may be possible. There has not been a Special Event Application submitted to the Borough, though optimism is growing.

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