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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, so is Cranksgiving the annual cycling An event is happening tomorrow in State College that collects food for hungry families. Douglas Braff spoke with the event’s organizer and has more. Cranksgiving is happening tomorrow, and local bikers will help collect food for the Youth Services Bureau.

I spoke with the event’s organizer who shared with me how you can still participate even if you don’t own a bike. A nationwide event Cranksgiving started in New York City back in 1999. Matthew Cox, the president of Centre Bike, brought the two wheeled event to State College three years ago.

So far, 79 bikers have signed up for tomorrow, and over $530 and food donations have already been collected. So far, we’ve achieved 25% of our goal, which is a $3000 dollar food donation. Cranksgiving sees bikers zip all around State College to collect food from grocery stores.

“That food is then donated to the Centre County Youth Services Bureau because the families we collected on Saturday. And we do a drop off on Monday and it goes out the following day to the distribution”,

And Cox is thrilled for Cranksgiving third year in State College.

Although some food items have been hard to come by, Cox tells me due to many empty store shelves

“We get a needs list and a map of the area and all the grocery stores. Riders can go to any store they choose or however many they’d like to.”

They can make multiple trips. They need to collect at least eight items and bring them back. Bikers are also entered into a raffle to get cards to local bike shops and other businesses. If you don’t own a bike but still wants a ride tomorrow, Cranksgiving has partnered with Spin Bike Share in State College.

“We’re offering discount codes for spin bikes, so if you don’t have a bike, you can go grab a spin and ride it and do the events and still participate.”

There will also be a food run on Sunday, and folks can donate money through their website

“It’s a great it’s a win win situation. You know you get the people out on the bikes, you get them collecting the food. You know, everyone, everyone wins.”

Cranksgiving kicks off at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow at Videon in Central on SandyDrive.

Bikers need a helmet, bags and 15 to $20 to spend on listed items. It’s a great cause, and hopefully bikers will be pedaling to the MAX to get food to families this Thanksgiving season.

Reporting from State College on Douglas Braff.

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