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Cuddles For Kids

Organizers with the local nonprofit “Cuddles for Kids” held their 15th Annual Toy Drive over the weekend.

The drive was supposed to be at the First Summit Arena, but due to recent pandemic concerns, it was moved to the Upper Yoder Fire Hall.

People could drive by and drop off their toys, which will be given to children in need.

Their organization is based off of donating stuffed animals, but this season, they’re pushing for monetary donations instead.

“We’re really trying to be careful with the amount of things and certain items that are being donated, so if we can stick to monetary donations where we can buy straight from a distributor, or straight from a store, and we’re able to give someone, or a family, or a child a new item, we’re really pushing towards doing that,” said Conner Hagins, Founder of Cuddles for Kids.

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