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DelGrosso’s Park Reopens

On Memorial Day, DelGrosso’s Park reopened its rides for the first time since 2019. The Amusement Park in Tipton hadn’t opened its rides for two full years on account of the Pandemic. Now that things are trending in the right direction, Park Officials felt it was safe to bring back the fun in the sun. Amy Mearkle, Director of Marketing at DelGrosso’s Park saying: “We’re following the current CDC and the Pennsylvania Department of Health Guidelines and as many people know, June 28th the, the mask mandate will be fully lifted, and so we are following those as well, and just wanting folks to come out and enjoy their summer months outside.”

Many people, including Nik Rosenberry, showed up to the park on Monday, thrilled to see the gates open once again. Park Patron Nik Rosenberry saying: “Oh, it’s definitely exciting to be back in the park, definitely excited to be back outside with the family, with the kids, enjoying the nice weather and, you know, getting back to some sort of normalcy again.” Rosenberry said he feels comfortable being back at DelGrosso’s. He says that pretty much the entirety of his family came to the park on Monday as well. Rosenberry adding: “Myself, I have two kids, I’m here with my mother, my father, I’m here with my brother so their uncle, here with my grandmother, their great grandmother, so again, you know, the whole family getting to do something outside again, something away from the house, and just being together and having fun.”

While Monday was hectic for Park Staff given the two year break, Amy Mearkle says the Staff are hitting it out of the park. Mearkle saying: “Opening day is always exciting, and a little bit nerve-wracking, and for this year, it’s almost like two years worth of opening days building up, so our staff’s doing a great job, some of them, it’s their first day, so they’re learning and training on the job, and we love our staff, and we’re excited to be back and at it.”

Mearkle added that the Park is hiring, and Applicants can visit for more information.

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