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Dents Run Gold Update

An update to a story we’ve been following for a decade the search for missing gold in Dents run Elk County.

According to court documents released Yesterday, we learned that an FBI agent applied for a warrant in 2018 to seize gold that dates back to the Civil War era.

Since that search years ago, the FBI had long refused to confirm why exactly it went digging on that site.

These court documents also reveal that the FBI feared the state of Pennsylvania would claim the gold for itself, setting up a costly legal battle.

For the father son, treasure hunting duo, they hope this is the beginning of the truth coming out.

“More of the truth is coming out. We’re finding out more and more stuff. Being in law enforcement for 12 years I always had faith in the government and now I’m starting to get another view on it.”

They also say there’s another group of unsealed documents they hope gets revealed soon.

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