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Details in Centre County Murder Case

We have more disturbing details released in a Preliminary Hearing Monday morning for the Prime Suspect in a Centre County Murder case.

“I thought about being a Gunslinger like John Wayne in the movies.” That’s what Police say the suspect here, Christopher Kowalksi, told them when he confessed to the shooting death of a Centre County woman five years ago. At Monday’s preliminary hearing for Kowalski, a Police Detective testified that Kowalkski admitted to shooting Jean Tuggy, “in cold blood” in her Pine Grove Mills home in January of 2016.

The two were friends, and according to the Police testimony Kowalski said on the day of the shooting he brought tea to drink as he termed it “bait” to get invited into Tuggy’s home. When asked specifically why he shot the 60-year-old Tuggy twice, Police say Kowalski responded he contemplated killing her for months, that he had thought about it long enough, and “It was time to get the job done.”

Kowalksi was arrested last month in South Carolina, where he was working in a grocery store. He remains jailed in the Centre County Prison. At the Hearing a Prosecutor from the State Attorney General’s Office said they plan to pursue First and Third Degree Murder charges against Kowlaksi. For now he’s headed to trial on a charge of Criminal Homicide.

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