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Devine Mercy Crisis Training

Over at Divine Mercy Catholic Academy there was a crisis training held aimed at staying staying prepared, in case of an emergency.

Today members of West Hills and Geistown Police Departments worked with staff on active shooter situations.

State representative Jim Rigby and State Senator Wayne Langerholc also attended the training.

Rigby says lawmakers are pressing for legislation requiring schools to have more crisis training with the students throughout the year.

“When you look at all, the required trainings are in the schools for a fire drill so many a year, and we do nothing to prepare for an active shooter and to work some sort of
legislation. And that may cover that so that we know that our schools are prepared more than just a one day in-service for the teachers.
It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to run through a drill or two during the course of the year for the students to know what to prepare for and how to handle an active shooter.”

Rigby says lawmakers would work with a law enforcement committee to create new legislature.

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