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DHS Help is Available

The Department of Human Services is reminding. Pennsylvanians that help is available to those in need throughout the holiday season and winter months. And I listened in on a presss
conference today that they had to learn more about it. The holidays are a time of joy and happiness, but also a time of stress and worry for some.

As many people struggle to pay their hefty heating bills and put festive food on the table, our fellow Pennsylvanians may be struggling to pay their utility bills or may not have had
enough to eat over the past 22 months or maybe having their first holidays without a loved one.

And so they need support. Officials with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services say help is always available through state and federal agencies, but are especially needed
during the pandemic. Please know that if you are going through tough times, you are not alone and no matter what you’re going through, it’s OK to get help if you need an extra hand, she says.

Programs to assist Pennsylvanians with paying their heat and utility bills, getting access to healthy foods and securing health insurance are all just a phone call away.

Those who need help are not nameless faces. They are friends, neighbors, community members, people we chat with at the grocery store or wave to when taking a walk in our towns.

In other words, people we know and care about and who we want to support through a tough time. To learn more about all services offered by the Commonwealth, you can visit For more information and a phone directory.

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