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DOH COVID-19 Update

The Department Of Health reported just 226 new coronavirus cases Today.

Meaning, the 7-day average is now at its lowest point since June 20th of last year.

We do have 14 more deaths that were reported Today. The death toll now stands at 27,488.

And for hospitalizations, we continue to see a downward trend.

Here locally just 16 new cases were reported. Cambria has 4 new cases, Blair has three, while Bedford, Clearfield, Huntingdon all reported two.

Cameron, Jefferson, and Somerset Counties reported one new case, and Centre and Elk with none.

2 More deaths were reported today one from Cambria County, the other from Huntingdon County.

The CDC reports that 57.3% of Pennsylvania adults are fully vaccinated meaning at this pace the state will fall well sort of the governor’s mandate to get to 70% before June 28th,
the firm cut off date for ending the mask mandate for those unvaccinated.

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