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DOH COVID-19 Update

Turning now to the latest on the Coronavirus the Pennsylvania Department of Health only reported 183 cases in the state Today

The seven day average did slightly go up this month however we have seen it continue to go down

Seven new deaths were reported in the state this puts Pennsylvanias death toll at 27,643

Looking at hospitals the number of people being treated for covid continues to go down

Here locally just 15 cases were reported in five of our 10 counties

Two deaths were reported locally one in both Centre and Clearfield Counties

As far as vaccinations go the CDC reports 59.7% of adults in the state are fully vaccinated
this means the state wont reach the health departments of goal of having 70% vaccinated before the mask mandate ends for those unvaccinated on Monday

The state didn’t have an update for vaccination rates by counties Today

But looking at the full population all of our local counties have been below the state’s rate with 49%

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