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DOH COVID-19 Update

The Pennsylvania Department Of Health reported today

3,637 More cases were added to their dashboard which is the highest one day total since April 30th.

The 7-day average is now at its highest point since May 8th.

Sadly, 16 more people have died across Pennsylvania Today raising the death toll to over 28-thousand people.

The number of people hospitalized is also at its highest since late May.

The last time covid cases were this high in Pennsylvania the vaccine had just been made available in the commonwealth.

As for COVID-19 locally 151 new cases were reported in our 10 county viewing area.

The most came from Bedford County which has the lowest vaccination rate in our region.

Every county in our viewing area did report new cases today Cameron County coming in at the lowest with 2.

And sadly three more people have died from the virus in our area and they came from Bedford, Cambria, and Clearfield Counties.

The local death toll for the pandemic is now 1,835.

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