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DOH COVID-19 Update

In the latest coronavirus news, just over 7300 new COVID 19 cases were reported today by the Department of Health, just under 700 of those are coming from our area.

Blair County reporting the most locally with 136 new cases today.

Cambria added 129.

Clearfield has 114

Centre saw 107,

Huntingdon reporting 72

52 new cases in Somerset,

40 and Elk

36 and Jefferson,

7 in Cameron

3 new cases in Bedford.

State health officials also reporting just under 200 deaths statewide.

13 of those are coming from our region. So as you can see on the Map Centre has 3 new deaths Bedford, Huntingdon and Somerset report 2 each Cambria, Clearfield, Elk and Jefferson
all reporting 1 new death.

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