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DOH COVID-19 Update

Some positive news as we head into the weekend the Department Of Health announced 7,091 new COVID-19 cases today.

557 Of those in our region.

Those numbers held fairly steady for the week and are down from double those totals earlier this year. Looking closer at our region

Blair had 109.

Cambria added 103 cases

Centre had 85.

Clearfield had 75.

Somerset had 62.

Huntingdon with 34

Jefferson had 33 cases.

Elk had 28.

Bedford had 23.

And Cameron had 5.

There were 160 deaths announced across the state 16 were in our coverage area.

Clearfield with 4. Bedford, Cambria and Huntingdon with 3 apiece. Blair, Jefferson and Somerset with 1 each.

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