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DOH Long Term Care Guidelines

Nursing homes have seen some of the worst outcomes from the pandemic.

But the Department Of Health is announcing plans to help lift restrictions at long-term care facilities.

Sarah Metts talked to with those at a local retirement community about there plans moving forward.

The Department Of Health is helping to guide facilities for a safe return to activities, visitations, and other events in the upcoming future.

Nursing homes, personal care homes, assisted living facilities, and even retirement communities have been among those of the most vulnerable.

“The hardest thing we’ve had to do is tell families they could not see their loved ones. We naturally saw kind of a mental and physical decline in a lot of people which is understandable. ”

Tonda Aumiller, executive director at Harmony at State College says, the Coronavirus not only had a major effect on residents, but also the staff.

“Our staff have been such troopers because they’re also dealing with the stress of covid, coming in taking care of our residents, and really stressing to them still stay safe outside of work even though Centre County is now green.”

The Department Of Health released a process of reopening Saturday, including prerequisites before entering an official three step plan.

Visitations will only be allowed in step two and three but Harmony at State College says they have slowly been implementing those policies already.

“We have within our company sub-modified visitation. Right now we are looking at starting on our visitation where people can have two visitors a day, and we ask that they visit outdoors, and that they visitors wear masks and the resident, so that’s kind of our first step.”

So far, they haven’t had any cases, and have taken many precautionary measures to keep their residents and staff safe.

“At our front entrance our door is locked, so you are brought in by the concierge, everyone has to have their temperature taken and answer three questions before you are able to enter the building.”

Aumiller says she really wants to thank her staff, the residents, and families for staying so positive, and remaining careful throughout the entire reopening process

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