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Dr. Birx on Pa.

Doctor Deborah Birx of the White House Coronavirus Task Force spoke with our sister-station, WHP, in Harrisburg and shared her opinion of the commonwealth’s response to the latest COVID-19 surge.

Birx says it takes everybody in the state to respond to the COVID-19 case surge.

She says cases during the fall resurgence have spread at a much faster rate than during the spring and summer months.

She also says the resurgence has lasted longer than health officials expected.

With the holidays approaching, Birx says everyone needs to maintain mitigation efforts issued by federal and state agencies.

“So now is the moment for everybody to increase their mitigation on the personal level,” Birx said. “What does that mean? Wearing masks, physical distancing, I know we have holiday times coming up, but this is not the time to gather outside of your household.”

Birx also says the state needs to do a better job with asymptomatic testing, saying that enough hasn’t been done.

She says all Americans can do more to protect themselves and others from COVID-19.

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