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Dubois Airport Receives Grant

Through Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation’s Aviation Transportation Assistance Program, the DuBois Regional Airport received a $450,000 grant.

Officials said the airport is in need of renovations as it was built in the early 1970s.

“We had applied for these dollars to do some renovations to an existing hanger as well as an existing office building and other renovation projects that we’d like to do,” said Robert Schaffer, DuBois Regional Airport Manager.

Robert Schaffer said they applied for this grant last October and he predicted that they’ll receive the money after July 1st.

Some of the state’s requirements for this money is to follow municipal code and to get everything approved by an engineer.

“The airport itself is an excellent economic generator for the area with the commerce that comes and goes throughout the airport whether it be through the airline or through private flights that are coming to visit local businesses,” said Schaffer.

With ever changing COVID-19 mitigations during the past year, Schaffer said this money comes at the right time for the airport.

“We are seeing more people travel and so when you tie that to these dollars, these dollars will hopefully allow local businesses to look at additional space to rent in our office building,” he said.

Schaffer said he hopes to continue to sell more tickets to bring more money back into the airport.

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