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Dubois Airport

When the pandemic first started last year in April, the DuBois Regional Airport’s numbers were at an all time low, only flying 21 passengers.

But according to officials, those numbers are starting to rise.

“Then we saw numbers creep up back up just a bit to close to 200 and that’s kind of where we rode out the storm through really March of this year,” said Robert Shaffer, DuBois Regional Airport Manager.

In April of this year, Robert Shaffer said they’ve flown 290 airplane passengers.

Those numbers increased to 379 passengers for the month of May.

“I anticipate that June is going to be substantially higher than that. I’m going to guess close to 450 or so,” he said.

Starting on Monday, flights from the airport changed from BWI to Washington Dulles.

Shaffer said that’s due to the airline’s affiliation with American and United airlines.

“The thought was with the business traveler if they were to get back that the 150 or so daily departures, direct departures out of Washington Dulles on a daily basis would be of interest to the business traveler,” he said.

With this new change, Shaffer hopes their flight numbers will continue to rise.

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