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Dubois Building Demolition

DuBois City Manager Herm Suplizio said an emergency demolition was necessary for the former New Life building on West Long Avenue.

“All of a sudden one morning we looked and a gigantic sink hole probably every bit of 10-12 feet maybe even more deep and the building was just falling,” he said.

The demolition process started yesterday and is still underway today.

Suplizio said it cost the city several thousand dollars but it was due time to get rid of it.

He said the building was vacant for many years and it became a nuisance to neighboring buildings.

“It’s a shame but the roof was leaking and one thing led to another and a lot of water damage,” said Suplizio.

As far as other vacant buildings in downtown DuBois, Suplizio said they’re working tirelessly to fix this issue.

“We’re trying to acquire them or get the owners to do something with them. We get criticized a lot because people don’t think that we’re doing enough but we really are,” he said.

As of right now officials said they aren’t any plans in place to replace the building.

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