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Dubois / Sandy Twp Merger Update

In a 3-0 vote, this Morning the Clearfield County Commissioners voted to put the Dubois Sandy Township consolidation on the ballot for the Fall election.

This vote comes after area residents started a petition to see who was in support of consolidation.

“I was very upset when my other supervisors voted to end the process so I wasn’t going to take it sitting down.”

Sam Mollica was the only Sandy Township Supervisor who voted in favor of consolidation.

But thanks to community support, the consolidation will be on the ballot for the first time since 2002.

“I was very pleased to hear that it went through and that it went through unanimously so that was a very positive thing for the community.”

Barry Abbott, Sandy Township resident 40 years, 3rd consolidation he’s been thru.

“I’m very optimistic, I’m very positive, I believe very strongly that consolidation would be very good for our area.”

Barry says its due time they consolidate.

“The fight will never stop for me. I have a burning desire to see our area come into one government.”

Deb Mechling has also been at the forefront of this fight since the beginning, she’s hoping things move in their favor in the fall.

“I believe in it, I think it’s the only way for our area to move forward for the betterment of all of us.”


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