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Dubois School District Teacher Vaccines

In a partnership with DuBois Drug and Wellness, essential employees in the DuBois Area school district received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Initially prior to the change in Phase1a eligibility we sent out a survey and really we’re trying to gather data on who is interested,” said Wendy Benton, Superintendent of the DuBois Area School District.

Once the state changed the Phase 1A criteria, Wendy Benton said they sent out another survey to confirm their eligibility.

Through these surveys, she said they received 318 vaccination requests.

“I was actually very thankful that I did not have to prioritize who would be eligible, we are very strictly following the eligibility criteria of Phase1A,” she said.

Benton says 160 of her employees will receive their doses on either today or next Saturday.

The second dose will be administered on March 5th and the 13th.

“It’s just another layer of protection and we have been so fortunate, we work so diligently over the summer every single of day writing and developing a plan,” said Benton.

Benton thanks DuBois Drug and Wellness and the DuBois Fire 3rd Ward Hose company for allowing vaccinations to take place.

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