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Dubois United Way Fundraiser

The DuBois Area United Way hopes to raise $350,000 to help those in need in Clearfield County. Officials said they’re counting on you to help.

The DuBois Area United Way has been serving the community since 1956.

Officials said they’re continuing the annual tradition of giving back by raising $350,000 for their 25 member agencies.

“We’re hoping that that’s enough to help out our community, our member agencies as best as possible especially considering the times now more than ever it’s important to have those donations to give to the people that need it the most,” said Ryan Carr, Co-Chair of DuBois Area United Way,

Some of their member agencies that they assist is the Salvation Army and the American Red-Cross.

“With all of the agencies that we deal with and their roots being in this community it’s a big part of what we do and the main goal of what we do,” Carr said.

Last year, officials said they reached their goal of $380,000 but due to circumstances this year they had to lower their goal.

“Fundraisers had to be cancelled, our 2 main fundraisers had to be cancelled so we had to adjust our goal accordingly,” said Michael Nesbit, Co-Chair of DuBois Area United Way.

He said the United Way supports the surrounding areas of DuBois including Sykesville, Reynoldsville and Falls Creek.

Carr said it’s a number of ways for the community to get involved.

“They can donate via the pledge cards that we hand out to companies and business in the area, they can call in the office to donate,” he said.

The deadline for this campaign is December 1st of this year.

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