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Eagles / Saints Recap

Saints and Eagles, Jalen Hurts starting quarterback for Philly

Their second drive of the game. Hurts finds Alshon Jeffery in the endzone. Eagles take a early lead and held on.

Leading 17-0 in the third saints get their first touchdown. Alvin Kamara. Saints down 10 still

Next drive for the Saint reulted in another 7 points. Taysom Hill 37 yards to Emmanuel Sanders it’s now a 3 point game

Saints go for it on 4th and 2 Hill sacked by Josh Sweat. Eagles recover the ball. The turnover turned into 7 points for the Eagles

Miles Sanders with the score. Not much time left in the ball game

Under two minutes. Eagles turn around and do the same things. Hurts loses the ball recovered by the Saints

They take it down field and put up 7 as well so now 24-21 Eagles still up

Saints try an onside kick. Eagles recover. And Eagles win By 3 points.

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