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East Broadtop Railroad

In Huntingdon County the East Broad Top Railroad Foundation is preparing to welcome visitors back for its annual Winter Spectacular.

The event runs February 18 & 19th.

Organizers say it’s the second year the foundation will host the event.

Visitors will get a ride in a unique railcar which is a gasoline, electric locomotive, and is a one of a kind in the country.

The Rockhill Trolley Museum is also hosting rides.

Organizers say the response to the event and the ongoing restoration efforts at the site have been truly amazing.

“Bringing back traditions like the Winter Spectacular is just one way that we hope to touch into the nostalgia of the community that grew up with this railroad, and loved it for what it was, which is one of the most remarkably intact heritage sites that we have left, and it’s there in their back yard.”

People can go to for more information or to order tickets.

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