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Election Funding

Tuesday Morning, with just a week to go before Election Day, Centre County Commissioner Steve Dershem provided the updated number of Registered Voters in Centre County. Dershem saying: “It includes 105,133 Registered Voters. That is up 26 from last report.”

Centre County last year was among the Pennsylvania counties receiving added funding. More than $800,000 by some accounts from a foundation funded by Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg for Election Costs. This led to a Federal Lawsuit will allegations that not all counties have the same access to the funding, and Democratic voter majority counties were the main winners.

In Centre County, according to Commissioner Chairman Michael Pipe the foundation money was used primarily to set up more locations to tabulate the increased mail-in ballots, along with increased safety for Poll Workers. Some of the money also went to long-term election-related benefits. Pipe saying: “The benefit we saw was that we could make some investments for election equipment that will benefit not just previous elections, but also futures ones as well. Election equipment tends to have a fairly long lifespan, and some of the machines we use are not proprietary to any specific election.” Dershem adding: “There has been a lot of actually residual benefit from the expenditure of those funds.”

This year, no outside money along the lines of the Zuckerberg Foundation millions is available for direct County Election costs. The lawsuit filed last year involving the Foundation was dismissed about a week before the November Election.

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