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Election Reform on the Ballot

Will this be the last election for Pennsylvanians with the current election laws?

It could be especially after the controversy and debate from last year’s Presidential election.

Here in Centre County a slow pace in terms of voter turnout for the spring primary election. In Harrisburg though, moving at a far quicker pace is work on election and voting reform,
with two issues at the forefront, voter id and mail in voting

“We need change for voters in 2021 instead of staying with the laws of 1937”

State lawmakers vowing to make changes. They’ve talked about, especially Republicans, requiring voter id at the polls for years. A newer issue is mail in voting.among the proposals now is
eliminating permanent mail in voter lists, voters would have to reapply for mail in ballots every election. County election leaders are pushing for other changes

“The mail in request and return deadlines do not work for counties. 7 days prior to an election is not enough time to process and have that voter return it”

Tuesday’s primary election,because of the four ballot questions, allows independent voters to vote on them. generally, due to state law,independents don’t vote in primaries. One area
lawmaker wants to change that also

“One thing we need to do in Pennsylvania is us as elected officials can not continue to choose who gets to vote for us. we cannot continue to choose,because those folks have the same
rights to vote as anyone else”

If reforms are approved, some experts say the next big challenge will be educating voters.

State lawmakers saying they hope to have the election reform measures in place by the November general election.

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