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Elk County Vaccine Rollout

According to Mike McAllister, Director of Emergency Services for Elk County, they are still working to complete Phase 1A of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Phase 1A includes health care workers and those in skilled nursing home facilities.

But as of yesterday, the Department of Health handed down new guidance for Phase1A.

It now includes people aged 65 and older along with those between the ages of 16-64 with a range of certain underlying medical conditions.

“Now with the change in 1A that’s going to increase the number of people that are candidates for it now so to be able to say how long that’ll take unforeseen at the present time,” said McAllister.

McAllister said this new guidance includes a big population for Elk County but it doesn’t change the scheduled list of vaccines they’re set to receive.

“The amount of vaccines hasn’t changed that’s coming in but the number of people that are eligible has increased so that’s something we are watching to make sure we’re on schedule,” he said.

There’s also been many questions regarding when those who have had COVID-19 can get the vaccine.

According to the CDC, if you had COVID-19 you should wait for at least 90 days to get the vaccine just as a precaution.

As of right now McAllister said he isn’t sure when the county is set to receive the next shipment of vaccines.

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