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Embezzlement Charges

After a local charity executive director was accused of embezzlement of funding earlier this month the charity is now speaking out.

Officials from the Huntingdon County District Attorney’s office say Adam Pfingstl was accused of stealing more than 11 thousand dollars from the Huntingdon County pride. And using it to pay for online gambling,
personal purchases and lottery tickets.

Officials say Pfingstl was released from his position in the charity back on the 12th. He is now facing a dozen felony charges including theft and receiving stolen property. According to the Da’s office they are exploring more
severe charges.

They say this is because the theft happened during a the pandemic disaster declaration.

“We were shocked, dismayed, and this board is very very angry at the betrayal. Not only to the board, most importantly to the community. To the county of Huntingdon. Because we’ve always viewed our county as Huntingdon county pride.”

Officials say Pfingstl has posted his 100 thousand dollar bail. And is expected to be in court later this month.

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