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EMS Update 2022

Today, around 2000 first responders from across the state were able to come together for the first time since the pandemic began.

They met to discuss new technology and practices within the industry.

Cait Westerholm joins us now live, with more.

First responders gathered Today for EMS Update 2022, the largest ems conference in Pennsylvania, at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. This is the 35th year of conferences at the resort and it provides first responders with educational and networking opportunities within the field.

In 2020, the EMS Update Conference was cancelled at the last minute due to the pandemic and in 2021, the decision was made to have the conference all virtual. This year, the conference is back fully in person, giving first responders the opportunity to see what’s happening across Pennsylvania.

“They get to share ideas so what’s happening in Allentown, or Johnstown, or Harrisburg, might be different than Pittsburgh or Erie. So, it’s nice that they can compare stories and talk about things that are impacting them.”

This year the conference is offering over 20 hours of required classes for EMS providers as well as an exhibit hall full of companies from across the country.

“We have exhibitors in our exhibit hall, which is sold out again. Major health care systems, companies from across the country come here to exhibit what they’re doing research on, new products, new equipment, those types of things.”

Being able to talk with the exhibitors in person provides first responders with the opportunity to see the new technology and work out deals to possibly purchase it. Life assist, a company in California that sells medical supplies, participated in the exhibit hall, and says that having a conference like this in person is important.

“It’s important that in two years, you know, almost every week something changes in the medical industry. So, this is great networking for small departments, and large departments to get together and talk about best practices.”

Medicine and technology have changed, and it will continue to evolve over time, and this conference has given first responders the information and skills needed to adapt along with the changes.

“So, everything that happens here is almost cutting edge EMS. Between the education, between the exhibitors, between the networking. If you leave here, you’re going to have ideas on how to improve ems in your community.”

This conference will wrap up Tomorrow Afternoon.

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