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End of the Road For Big Ben?

Many Steelers fans believe that this is the last ride for Big Ben. The ride isn’t over just yet, though, with the Steelers still clinging on to life in the AFC playoff picture.

Joe Haden wants Ben’s rival for the Cleveland Browns Got to see the teammate side of playing with Ben.

“Just all the times I was following, be playing against him back in the day from 2010 to I would say 14, you know, those were games where it was just sometimes he would be getting the
best in me and I would have great coverage on him. And he was still catch the ball, still score. And I was just it was very annoying. So that was the main thing with him in their
relationship and him and him may be going going at me.”

The Steelers will play the Cleveland Browns at home for Monday Night Football, and kickoff is set for 8:15.

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