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Falls Creek Fire Victim Donations

On Sunday, fire officials were called to the 100 block of Main Street in Falls Creek, Jefferson County for an apartment building fire.

Since that devastating day, donations have been pouring in to help these 16 residents get back on their feet.

Officials say the needs of the families are constantly changing from shoes, to food and household items.

Some tenants I spoke with said the Red Cross has worked diligently to provide them with a place to stay at a nearby hotel.

One resident in Falls Creek says Sunday’s fire is something she can relate to and she’ll do anything she can to help out.

“I have donated for years unfortunately to victims of fires and it really hits close to me because I had lost my father in a fire. So the more I can do to give back to the community, the better it makes me feel,” said Brenda Benyon, a Falls Creek resident.

At this time fire officials have not determined the cause of the fire.

Donations can be sent to Tim Britton Construction at 109 N. Main Street in Falls Creek.

Two GoFundMe accounts have also been created to help the victims of the fire. They can be found below.





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