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Fallscreek Protestors

Pro-Trump protesters took on D.C. Earlier Today And after some invaded the Capital building causing democracy to be paused, both congressmen Fred Keller, and Glenn Thompson responded to the events saying it is unacceptable.

What once was a save America rally brought upon by the president himself Quickly turned into what many media outlets are calling, chaos at the capital.

In a tweet, congressman Keller writes.

“This is not how our republic should operate and the rioters must be fully prosecuted.”

Congressman Thompson says he is safe, but quote.

“I unequivocally support the right to peacefully assemble, but what occurred today at the U.S. Capitol was senseless, violent and destructive and counter to American values.”

Local community members from the Clearfield area set off early this morning to Washington D.C. Leader of the local group, Mark Lockwood says they went to show support for the president, he writes quote.

“A number of people from our area joined in rally at d.c. To support our president to call for a full investigation of the fraud that did take place in our state and others. We enjoyed the peaceful rally.”

Lockwood finishes with his group was in the process of boarding their buses to then head back home and did not end up witnessing anything that is being reported by the media.

CNN is reporting that house speaker, Nancy Pelosi says Congress has resumed with their session.

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