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Farm Festivals

There’s been a lot of attention on events held recently in Centre County, which the state health department has labeled among the state’s hot spots for new COVID-19 cases.

It’s now time for the always popular farm fall festivals, and one of the county’s best-known festivals still drew a crowd this past weekend.

Pandemic concerns can be a bit different on the farm, though.

One farm, that usually hosts a lot of visitors at this time of the season, the Wasson Farm, is located outside of State College.

This year though, there was initial uncertainty about even holding their fall festival and then there was a series of lengthy consultations with state officials, including from the departments of health and agriculture.

Opening day Saturday, many were aware and following the recommendations for face masks and social distancing and other precautions.

This year though, one difference is that most visitors are not staying as long as they would have in the past except for some touring the pumpkin patch.

The Wasson Farm fall festival continues during the next two weekends.

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