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Fatula Eye Care Opens in DuBois

At the beginning of the year, Fatula Eye Care in DuBois, a Primary Care Eye Doctor’s Office that’s been in business since 2006, opened their doors. It was because of COVID-19 that their plans of opening a new location in DuBois were delayed.

Dan Fatula, Optometrist at Fatula Eye Care says one of the biggest challenges was meeting with Contractors to get the job done. But after multiple virtual meetings, Fatula Eye Care opened in DuBois at the start of the year. Fatula says they’re spreading out their patients more which allows for a new level of care.

But like many industries, COVID-19 playing a vital role on his supply chain. Dr. Fatula adding: “Our glasses are taking a lot longer to come in than they would’ve in the past there’s a real big backlog at the labs that make the lenses so we’ll send an order out and instead of it coming in a week it’s more like 2-3 weeks.”

Since opening his business, Fatula says the community has been vital to his business’ success.

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