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Federal Relief Funds for Schools

Governor Tom Wolf announced that Federal Funding will be directed to help Schools suffering through the Pandemic. The 2.2 Billion Dollars of Federal Stimulus Funding heading to Schools is a much needed lifeline, but their is still hope more funding will come later. The Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted Pennsylvania financially in all walks of life. Schools are no exception, as Districts across the Commonwealth are struggling to maintain funds for necessary in-person operations. With Districts across the State beginning to return to in-person classes, the State’s acting Secretary of Education Noe Ortega says that money is needed now more than ever.

Ortega saying: “Some examples of the type of expenditures that are included in this round of funding include funding to support such services as food provision, professional training, technology purchases, sanitation and other cleaning supplies, summer and after school programs, as well as mental health supports.”

These areas, she says, are key elements of School function that will ramp up when returning to classroom instruction. Although Ortega hopes more funding will come later, she heaped praise onto both staff and families of Students across Pennsylvania for weathering this storm. Ortega added that Districts can spend this money through September of 2023, as the duration of this virus has already set many Districts back severely in a number of ways.

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