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Feel Good Friday – May 14th

Welcome to Feel Good Friday, here are your Feel Good Stories of the week.

A 4-year-old boy in Texas lived his dream to be a Fireman this past weekend, but ‘Make-A-Wish’ went a step further. He wasn’t just a Firefighter, he became Fire Chief. Justin Perez has battled a brain tumor for the past 2 years and when he was selected by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, he had only one request — to be a Fireman. Justin’s Mother Laura Moreno saying: “I have no words to explain it. It’s amazing. You know we were expecting something big, but this honestly beyond words.” There was a full parade as well as other events all to make Justin’s Wish come true.

An inspiring story out of Missouri – where an ambitious High School Senior not only was given a College Scholarship, but found a way to help another Student get a College Education. 18-year-old Josh Nelson plans to go to Southeast Missouri State. When ‘SEMO’ offered him a Scholarship, Nelson decided he wanted to use his $1,000 savings to help another Student go to College. Nelson saying: “Honestly, it makes me feel on top of the world. The fact that I can just help somebody a little bit, whatever way I can just me being so young, I don’t know it just makes me feel great and I really want o see other people succeed.” Over the next few weeks — with some help from his Parents and Teachers — he’ll be accepting applications for this special Scholarship.

A Hero has come forward out of Baltimore after jumping off a bridge to save an 18-month-old baby. Jonathan Bauer and his daughter were heading home from Ocean City on the Route 90 Bridge last Sunday. That’s when he says he noticed the pickup truck in front of them begin to swerve. A car in the other lane attempted to dodge the truck — only to clip the front end of Jonathan’s car. When he got out to make sure his daughter was alright — and that’s when he saw the pickup truck dangling off the Route 90 Bridge. Bauer saying: “I saw the car seat and some other items and then about 6 feet away from the car seat was the little girl. She was on her back completely floating. Head completely out of the water. Arms moving. Legs kicking and uhh a little pink dress.” Jonathan told his daughter to call 911, took his shoes off, and without hesitation — jumped in. Bauer adding: “When I hit. I hit feet first. Knees then arms. I was fine. I popped up swam over to the girl. Lifted her out of the water and looked at her. Her mouth was open. Eyes were semi-open and put her against my shoulder very high and aggressively pat her back. And within seconds she spit up a bunch of water. A lot of water. Started coughing and took a deep breath.” The little girl was taken to the local hospital and has since been released. Local media reports the child is expected to be ok.

Here’s the story of another amazing rescue. While a News Crew in Massachusetts was reporting on a dog that had been stolen out of its Owner’s car, the missing dog and the Suspect seen in surveillance video came walking into view. Literally. The Reporter motioned to the Photographer to start rolling and after a few questions from the Reporter, the Crew called Police. Within a matter of minutes, Officers arrived as did Titus’ Owner. The Suspect was identified and arrested on multiple charges. He apologized to Titus’s Owner this week in Court.

Until next time, enjoy the little things and remember to smile.

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