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Feel Good Friday Stories – August 27th

Our first story is all about how a stranger’s random act of kindness goes a long way for a little girl whose bike was stolen. 10-year-old Aaliyah Wilson’s Mother says she would ride her bike every day after School and they would bring the bike in every night. However, after one busy day she left it on the porch and the next morning it was gone.

In hopes of getting her daughter’s bike back, Kena turned to Facebook. She says she was shocked by the community’s response and even more shocked to what she woke up find almost a month later — a purple bike, a helmet, and a cable lock. Kena says the small gesture means everything to Aaliyah.


To recognizing “National Dog Day” — meet Alona. She was just voted the Transportation Security Administration’s cutest canine! The 4-year-old Golden Retriever has a tough job — working hard to keep travelers safe. She sniffs out explosives and explosive materials at the Las Vegas Airport. And her handler is trained to interpret her behaviors when she detects something.

Alona’s handler is planning a party to celebrate her accomplishment. The adorable pooch will also be featured on the cover of the 2022 TSA Canine Calendar.


Halloween lovers, listen up. Spirit Halloween is looking to hire you to be their first ever “Chief Spirit Officer”. As a “CSO”, you’ll help lovers of the holiday stay hype about it all year long. You’ll also host a ‘Social Media Series’ featuring Halloween news, tips, trends, and more. And here is the perhaps the most important part of your job, you will be helping to shape the look and feel of the Halloween Season.

Now to the perks, you’ll get $10,000 in cash, free costumes for a decade, a VIP home dĂ©cor shopping experience worth 500 dollars at your local Spirit Halloween store, and you’ll get to travel with a guest to Spirit Halloween’s flagship location in September.

To apply for the position, post a video or picture on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. But do it quickly as submissions close August 29th.

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