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Feel Good Friday Stories – July 23rd

Here are your Feel Good Friday Stories, a collection of stories that will help you end your work week on a high note and we have to warn you that the first story has some graphic images.

A New York Police Officer is being hailed as a Hero for helping a stabbing victim. In a job where split-second decisions count, the decision Officer Ronald Kennedy made earlier this month made all the difference. Blood was gushing and when Officer Kennedy saw this deli steps away he had an idea. He got a bag of chips, flattened it, then had a fellow Officer keep it over the wound — a MacGyver-like move that Doctors say saved the Victim’s life. The Suspect was arrested later that evening.

In Massachusetts, a part-time Police Officer was able to save three people from a home set on fire by a lightning strike. It was 4:00am Sunday during a nasty storm when lightning hit the garage of a house in West Brookfield. Officer Frank Jolin was first to arrive. Officer Jolin broke a front window to make entry that one of the folks inside woke up and dialed 9-1-1, not because she knew the house was on fire, but because she thought a burglar was breaking in. The uniformed Officer quickly convinced the couple upstairs they had to get out and then track down Mandy, Leo’s daughter in a basement bedroom as smoke began to fill the place. With the help of a solid metal door between the garage and the house, responding Firefighters were able to contain the blaze, but plenty of folks credit Officer Jolin with saving lives, even as he downplays his heroic effort, saying: “Anybody that I worked with, all, all my Brothers in Blue, they’d do the same thing.”

An Ohio Father whose Special Needs kids couldn’t get work, decided to create employment opportunities for them. Joel Wegener, a Father of 10, bought an Ice Cream Truck for his two adult kids with Down Syndrome. The family opened the business, aptly called “Special Neat Treats” in April and business is booming. Wegner said sales have “Exceeded Expectations.” He says he started the business to teach his kids Financial, Communication, and Social Skills. Wegner says he also wants to start engaging conversations around hiring people with Special Needs. The family plans to expand the business someday.

From the Super Bowl to the White House. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers joined President Joe Biden Tuesday in D.C. to mark their Championship Victory. The Bucs beat the Kansas City Chiefs back in February to claim the Title and Tuesday was another chance to bask in the glory.

That’s all for Feel Good Friday and as always, stay happy and safe.

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