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Feel Good Friday Stories – June 18th

Its time for Feel Good Friday, a collection of Stories that will help you end your work week on a high note.

In California, this 81-year-old former Postal Worker named Gene couldn’t believe her eyes. Her home of 40 years got an extreme makeover thanks to the help of the 9-1-1 Hazmat Cleanup Crew and a group of local Sponsors. Owner Kim Chatman stepped in after a call from Gene’s Plumber. When they arrived they found a level three hoard: trash, mold, old food and rodent feces. They cleaned out the trash and made repairs and completely renovated the kitchen and bathroom. The cost of the renovation and cleanup was north of $50,000, but now Gene has a sense of hope and community.

A woman went to the New England Aquarium in Boston last week hoping to get in with an old gate ticket and by old — we mean old. She got it back in 1983. The 38-year-old ticket said “You have arrived too late to fully enjoy our Facilities — this ticket is good for admission at anytime in the future. Well, anytime turned out to be in 2021 and even though the late gate tickets were discontinued about 25 years ago, the Aquarium actually honored it. Rachel Carle took the time to thank the Staff on Twitter. She said her Great Aunt had actually given her two of the tickets — and she promised her that she would try to use it. Carle said the Aquarium Ticket Office might hang the other one up as a momento.

Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife, Mackenzie Scott is one of the Richest Women in the World and now, she could go down in history as one of the most generous. Scott has donated $2.74 Billion to nearly three-hundred Charity Organizations. Scott listed the Organizations in a blog post on Medium Tuesday. She said they focus on areas that have been historically underfunded and overlooked like the Arts and combating racial discrimination. In her blog post, Scott also said she wants to “de-emphasize privileged voices.” According to Forbes, Scott’s fortune is valued at about $59 Billion. She and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos divorced in 2019 after 25 years of marriage. This most recent donation brings her giving to more than $8.5 Billion in less than a year.

The White House plans use the July 4th Holiday to celebrate more than America‚Äôs Independence. Thousands of Essential Workers and Military Families will gather on the White House South Lawn this year to celebrate “Independence from the Virus.” The National Mall will also be open for traditional Fourth of July fireworks. White House Officials are encouraging State and Local Governments to host their own celebrations as well. July Fourth is an important milestone set by President Joe Biden in his fight against COVID. He said in March he was hopeful Americans would be able to gather to celebrate the holiday this year. He also set a Goal for 70% of Residents in the U.S. to receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 Vaccine by July Fourth — though it doesn’t look like he’ll reach that target.

That’s all for Feel Good Friday and as always, stay happy and safe.

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