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Feel Good Friday

Welcome to Feel Good Friday segment. first up, a Vietnam Navy veteran received a major gift following a dangerous situation. Victor Stoddard overcame living with dangerous black mold and not just a small amount, a guy said there 28,000 per million a black mold millionaire and he did survive was only 500 million.

And because of that, one generous person decided to give him a gently used mobile home for the price of absolutely nothing. And as a result of all that mold, all of Victor’s belongings had to be thrown away. But the donor is also replacing everything that he has.

How sweet is that the conditions he was living in were absolutely deplorable, and a veteran should not live like that. What really hit me and made me cry was he handed me the keys and I knew how much do I owe you?

He said, You don’t own me today. Serving in the Navy, Victor spends a lot of time volunteering.


And in California, a deer was rescued after falling into a canal. Check this out! Concerned witnesses in Sacramento called firefighters when the frightened animal couldn’t scale the sides of the concrete canal.

So first responders called in a rescue boat and that crew was able to pull the deer to safety. And then, after taking a little breather from the whole ordeal, the deer eventually walked away from the scene on its own without any major injuries.


Hey, guys! And there was a very rare catch in Maine. one lobster man there named this cotton candy colored lobster Hadi after his granddaughter. And before you ask, no, he says, the rare creature will not be cooked. And it’s a keeper.

The creature is currently at Get Maine Lobster in Portland, who was talking to local organizations and aquariums that might want to adopt it.


And once again, here’s something no one asked for free flavored vodkas. Arby’s is releasing two limited edition alcoholic drinks.

Arby’s Curly Fry vodka and crinkle fry vodka. Officials say both vodkas taste just like their namesake fries. The 80 proof potato based liquor will make its debut on November 18th in just a handful of states, and the price tag for a bottle is about $60.

We hope this puts you in a good mood heading into your weekend,

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