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Ferguson PD and Ring Cameras

The Ferguson Township Police Department has partnered with the Neighbors App, developed by Ring, to help solve Investigations. We spoke with the Officer in the Centre County Department who made it possible. Sergeant Ryan Hendrick heard the idea from a friend in Law Enforcement and decided to bring it to Ferguson.

The Ferguson Township Police Department now has the capability to use Ring Cameras via the Neighbors App to assist in solving crimes. The Department stressed that this partnership does not give them access to information about the people’s cameras they use, and any video they obtain is on a volunteer basis.

Sergeant Hendrick says there’s a bunch of reasons this is a difference maker. Sgt. Ryan Hendrick of Ferguson Township PD saying: “First of all, it’s going to save on staff time. So before, we would have to go out and canvas an area, take several Officers, we’d have to go around and knock door-to-door, not everyone’s home during the day or at night, so obviously we’d have to come back, and then technology is just simpler and it’s going to give us a clear picture. So before, if someone saw something, their description might not be clear whereas a video is what it is, it’s gonna be exactly what they observed or someone in that area so, we hope it should save on man-time, or personnel time but it also should give us actual footage of what was occurring in that area.”

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