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Ferguson Twp. Storm-Water Infrastructure

In Centre County, one township’s plans to upgrade its storm-water infrastructure includes new fees that are drawing criticism over the projected costs involved.

Another virtual, public meeting is being held Tonight.

Ferguson Township Centre region a mix of residential and commercial development and farming. With the recent growth, the township says its storm-water infrastructure is badly in need of repair. These information sheets are from
recent township presentations. In paying for the the work,one idea base new fees on the amount of impervious material on a property materials that hinder ground absorption for water.

But for many farmers they’re against the new fees. One reason,many of their properties have longer driveways,or parking areas

“So if you have a lane that’s long and wide that’s a lot of square feet that you’ll be paying extra fee for”

He as been farming for along time here he says its not just farm that will be unfairly assessed

“Especially newer churches and businesses that have already paid a lot for water runoff provisions will now be paying extra on a yearly basis”

Other farmers seeing no need to be paying extra

“I’d like to see it go away,it seems like they’re just finding a way to get extra money out of us”

Township officials say its a situataion of pay me or pay me later. To put off the needed infrastructure upgrades is just going to cost more in the future.

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