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Fighting Blight in Brookville

Jefferson County might see a change coming to what officials say is blighted property. It could happen along Hastings Street in Brookville.

Code enforcement officials recently filed criminal charges in an attempt to clean up a residence at 114 Hastings Street.

The Brookville Police Chief says there have been seven non traffic citations issued against the out of state property owner between July of 2017 and November of this year.

And this is the first time criminal charges have been filed, and the chief says it could happen a lot more.

“It’s only fair to the residents of Brookville Borough that pay taxes that, you know, keep their houses nice and then they have this house beside their house that takes the value of
their property down just because nobody wants to do anything with the property.”

And the charges will either be a first or second degree misdemeanor for failure to comply with code enforcement requirements based on how many times the owner fails to comply.

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