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First Responders Simulate Train Derailment Response

First Responders in Somerset County met Saturday morning for an exercise to simulate a real-life Emergency Situation. Over 50 Fire, Police, EMS, and other Emergency Personnel gathered at the Rockwood Fire Department where they “acted out” how they’d respond to a Train Derailment.

The Officials had to work together to come up with a realistic solution. Organizers said this gives Officials a way to prepare for these terrible scenarios in real life.

Joel Landis, Director of the Somerset County Department of Emergency Services saying: “Any time you can get public safety officials together, ahead of an incident, it will make a great impact if an actual incident actually does occur. Having everybody get together today, simulate an actual train derailment, and know each other before the event occurs, it will be instrumental if this ever does actually occur.”

The Simulation was funded by a Grant that paid for a company from Florida to come up and facilitate the exercise.

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